Facts & figures

Supporting the community:

  • We recently entered our 24th year.
  • We have supported 30 young people (aged 13-25 years) at our club night over the last year, and 10 members aged over 25.
  • Many of our members have been part of The Squad for many years; all those aged over 25 joined us during their teens!

Value for money:

  • Volunteers and trustees give their time freely: if we paid them, the annual staff cost of running our club night and other activities would be £77,000.
  • Volunteers alone give a total annual time of 2,432 hours, with a monetary value of £41,000.
  • Members’ families benefit from respite care, which would otherwise cost over £30,000 annually.


  • We enabled 20 members to attend the London 2012 Paralympics.
  • We run an annual residential weekend, offering 15-20 members a fun trip and providing respite for their families and carers.
  • Volunteers benefit from an annual residential training weekend to top up their skills - providing a total of 224 training hours.