Our story begins in 1993...

Our founder set up The Squad to provide a youth club for people with learning disabilities that was more fun and vibrant than the other clubs around at the time. 

A key part of her vision was to recruit a large, diverse group of volunteers and that the club should always be exciting and enjoyable for everyone - staff and members alike. We've stayed true to this and believe that this is the key to our success, along with our high staff to member ratio. 

In 2014, with a growing membership, we decided to split the club into two. Our original club is now called the "Juniors" club (for under-25s) and our "Vets Club" was established for adults over 25 with learning disabilities. Both club nights are currently run from the John Innes Youth Centre in South Wimbledon.

Although The Squad started out as a Mencap-funded Gateway Project, we established ourselves as an independent charity in 2001. And we have come a long way in the club's 24 year history.