Activities to celebrate St Patrick's Day 16 Mar 2017

We had some great activities this week at the Juniors Club for our members to enjoy. With St Patrick's day coming up we had rainbow making and hat designing as well as smoothie making in the kitchen, and finally we had a pool tournament.

The pool tournament was a great opportunity for members to develop new skills. We had seasoned players supporting their peers to develop their pool skills. They ended up getting much better as time went on and asked for pool to be available for the week after as well as they enjoyed it so much.

In the smoothie making session members created a super berry smoothie and a pineapple smoothie for all to enjoy. They prepared all the food together - cutting, washing and measuring the ingredients out. Members taking part in different sessions really enjoyed the smoothies and gave them some great feedback.

Finally, in the St Patrick's Day's arts and crafts they had a very busy session with 12 young people choosing this activity. We ended up with some great crafts and some brilliantly creative hats, including dinosaur green hats.

This was a really great week with young people next week getting the opportunity to take Polaroid pictures of the session, arts and Mother's Day card making. Make sure that you check back for some of our great designs.