Cooking, story writing and e-safety 11 May 2017

This week at the Juniors Club, one group of young people were involved in a cooking session where they made homemade salsa, guacamole and Spanish omelet. The members mashed the avocados with the lime and spring onion to make the guacamole. They cut up the tomatoes and chilies for the salsa and pan fried the Spanish omelet. It was a great session for them to try foods they haven't had before as well as cooking with new ingredients. All the young people got to try the food at the end of the session and really enjoyed the different flavors and foods.

The second group were in the upstairs room writing their own stories. They were given a sheet to think of their main characters, villains and where the scene would be set. They then moved to the back page where they were able to write the introduction to their story with a picture of what was happening. Following this they moved to the middle of the story where for most, the villain was introduced and the problem happened. The stories finished with the story being resolved. We had some Thomas the Tank engine stories, stories involving school and storied about home. This session will be built on next week when we will be writing comics.

The Final session was around our e-safety  policy. The young people are involved in decision making at Squad and our e-Safety policy it is no different. The young people and volunteers worked to create a policy that was relevant to them, the staff and trustees. Young people came up with some thought provoking ideas around what could be added. There is another session to finish it but it is looking really good so far.