Dinosaurs & Tsunamis at the Natural History Museum 16 Jul 2018

On Sunday 15th July, we took our juniors group to the natural history museum, it was a great trip that all the young people choose. We had run a session 2 months before where young people picked what activity they would like to do in the summer term. Their top pick was actually something different, but it wasn't available on this date. So the young people had to work out an alternative that would still be fun was easy to get to (for mobility).

The forum group presented 2 ideas to the group, everyone voted, and the natural history museum won. We took the District line to the museum and had a picnic en- route. Once in the museum, we walked around the mammal area and saw the whales and dinosaurs. We then experienced an earthquake in the simulator, as well as getting the chance to look at fossils and go to the shop.

One young person's favourite thing was the moving dinosaur, whilst the another's was the session explaining how tsunamis are created.

Everyone had a great time and it was a nice way to end the term.
Keeley Reed, Juniors Club Leader

Natural History Museum 2.jpeg