Fun and Games at Wandsworth Prep 03 Jul 2018

At the end of last term we were invited to Wandsworth Prep for a special event and two of our members came along. Here's the report from one of our members there...

We went to the school and saw the young people's games, they had marble runs, jigsaws and mazes there was even a football one as it was during the world cup. They gave a speech about how they had raised money for Squad, like a fun run, own clothes day and they talked about the Squad. We have given a cheque with nearly £4000 on it which had all be raised by the young people and parents for the school.
We then did a quiz with the families which was really fun but the quizzes were very hard, it was more fun trying the games the young people made. They were GREAT!!!
Game from Wandsworth Prep 1.JPG Game from Wandsworth Prep 2.JPG