London ZSL zoo 2019 27 May 2019

On Saturday 25th May we went to London ZSL zoo for Special Children’s Day, this day is organised for Special education needs children, with access to calm areas, easier entrances and British sign language at the shows. 

We used the underground to get to the zoo and walked from Camden Town. Once at the zoo wondered around the zoo and spent over 5 hours there. The first thing we did was go and see the penguins. The penguins were swimming around and splashed one of our young people when we were watching.

We then saw the parrots and they were very colourful, one of them was bright blue and we loved listening to them make noise.

We also saw lots of monkeys, they were eating fruit and jumping around.

In the butterfly house, it was really hot and so great to have all the butterflies flying around, one of them even landed on one of our volunteers, we were shocked that they land on people.

We enjoyed going and the gift shop was really good they had lots of stuff.
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