Meet Sidi 21 Mar 2018

The Squad wouldn't be able to run our club night, annual holiday or countless other activities without its hardworking team. All of our volunteers and trustees are unpaid and dedicate their free time to us. Our new 'meet the...' stories will feature some of the people who keep us going, share what they do and their insights into what makes The Squad such an enjoyable place to be.

For our first edition... meet our trustee Sidi. Sidi has been at The Squad for almost two years now and started in the Finance team but has more recently become a key fundraiser. You may have read our news feature on our backgammon tournament which was organised by Sidi and raised a phenomenal £6,000. Sidi plans to make this an annual event at the RAC club with the objective of promoting The Squad, raising funds to help us grow and meeting new people who share an interest in charities. We're delighted that such a successful event will be a firm part of our programme.

Sidi is a Trader by profession and is originally from Albania. He has led a very international life, having been schooled in Italy and studied at Stern School of Business in New York, before coming to the UK to study for his Masters degree. He feels quite settled here and has been here for 10 years now. When we first met him a few years ago his passion for joining us was very clear, as was his desire to "have a positive impact on our society". Despite his busy job, he always finds time to help and says that he has enjoyed making a difference to our members' lives, learning about how charities run and "being closer to the most vulnerable people in our society." We feel very lucky to benefit from his expertise and he's a very valued member of the Board.