Park days 22 Jun 2017

On both 15th June and 22nd the club was able to get to the park!! 

Young people were so excited for the park and for some; it was their first time to the park with Squad. 

Young people choose the equipment they wanted to take to the park; they choose frisbee, kickball rounders and art equipment for anyone who didn't want to get involved in sport. 

Both sessions started with passing a frisbee between the group, the improvement in the young peoples ability in two sessions was incredible. Young people went from throwing it all over the park to being able to control where it was going, as well as being able to catch it. 

Young people who were doing art were able to create about me wheels. They were given a template where they could fill out their favourite colour, favourite food and much more. 

All in all the two trips to the park were great fun.