Party and Farewell 20 Jul 2017

Tonight both clubs held a joint party to celebrate the end of term. But also to say farewell to two special people.

James Dellow has been the club leader for the Juniors (and before the Vets Club was set up, the one-and-only club) since 2006. He's overseen us grow and take on new generations of members. We are sad to see him go, but glad that the Juniors Club is in safe hands as Deputy Leader, Keeley Reed is now taking on the main role.

Hazel East is stepping down after three years on our board of trustees. Lately, she has been our Chair and along with her Deputy, Mark Roe, carried out a reorganisation of how the board works. We are in a much stronger situation now to face the future. Hazel has been a star - she spent a year as a volunteer in 2012 before moving away, only to come back as a trustee. Among other things, she organised our big party two years ago.

We are also sad to see Mark leave us too - he's off to live in Australia and has already gone.

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