Party night 25 May 2017

Our last session of last half term included a party as planned by the young people. 

Young people were setting up the decorations and party equipment they had created the week before, whilst the rest of the group worked with the volunteers to finish their stories to present to the rest of the group before the party began.  

The party started with a photo slide show of the sessions that have been run over the past few years and with pictures that members have taken. This was a great chance for everyone to reflect on the activities that have been set up before and to see what activities the young people would like to do again. 

Then the young people presented their stories to the rest of the group. This was a really inclusive and supportive environment for the young people. Everyone received a round of applause as they stepped up and received the same when they were finished, more and more young people wanted to present their stories after they saw the response that others were getting. 

The young people decided they would like to do a karaoke session during the party which meant the young people were choosing the songs that they were listening to during the party. 

It was a really great party to end the half term and has made everyone excited for the party for the last session of the school year.