Quiz night 08 Jun 2017

During this session group sessions from the beginning of term were continued.

Young people had two quizzes to get involved with. One was a picture round for films and TV which had up to 30 points available, then there was a general knowledge/ London quiz with 15 points available. 

The group was split into 5 teams with mixed abilities in each group. There were prizes throughout the quizzes giving everyone in the room a chance to win.

This session was a simple but a really nice session to start with. Volunteers were able to support the members with a lower ability to ensure the members who struggled got involved. The quizzes were accessible to everyone which made it important to be able to involve everyone. 

In the end there was a tie for the first place so two teams split the big prizes and then ended up sharing them with the rest of the groups.

This term should be a great term, with hopefully some trips to the park!