Spontaneous meander around Mitcham 06 Jul 2017

The Vets Club was looking forward to a guided tour around the Wandle Industrial Museum, and learning about the industries and mills that had historically existed along and around the River Wandle in places like Croydon, Carshalton and Mitcham.

Things took a rather different turn when we found that our museum guide couldn't make it that day, and the evening turned into a highly enjoyable ramble and pub visit.

We started with a short hike across Cricket Green, reputedly the oldest cricket ground still in use, with play ongoing there since 1685. Heading into the grounds of Canons House community centre, a fine period house at the edge of the green, we had some fun seeking our leader, who had concealed herself in a hidey-hole near the pretty ‘Peace Garden’, an area resembling a mini garden of Versailles.

After a debate, and taking a vote, on which hostelry to visit, we crossed Canons Hill recreation ground and made for The Windmill, spotting a young kestrel hunting along the way. Once in the pub, and having organised our drinks and snacks, hotly contested competitions took place at the dartboard and card table, to background jukebox beats selected by members. A good time was had by all, and it was proof that a spontaneous evening could go every bit as enjoyably as a pre-arranged event. We hope to come back to Mitcham for the museum visit soon!