Story writing and party planning 18 May 2017

At the Juniors Club this week, the members carried on their story writing session, looking at how they could turn stories into comics. The young people were given a template that they could follow or they could write their own comic. There were some great drawings that really added to the stories written. There were stories about family cats going on adventures, young people exploring and the Squad. The young people were given the opportunity to read their story to the group if they wanted to and many did, this showed great confidence in themselves to be able to stand up and read to the 20 people in the room. Next week there will be a party which the other group have planned, the members will read their stories to the rest of the group.

The planning group were looking at games, food, music and decorations for the party. They came up with some great ideas for the party and presented their ideas to the rest of the group to see if everyone agreed to the same type of activities and food…. To continue next week…!