Vets go to Kew Gardens 30 Jul 2017

The Vets have just had a summer day trip to Kew Gardens, followed by a meal at Pizza Express in Wimbledon.

We travelled there by tube

After getting there, we went to the Hive. This was a really weird sculpture that made noise to mirror a real hive of bees nearby.

Then we sat down and had a really big picnic lunch in the sunshine. This is one of the nicest parts of going away together - being able to relax and chat - as well as eat yummy food!

Later on, we climbed up on the Treetop Walkway. It was a bit wobbly at the top, which made some of us feel a bit scared. But it was really fun to do and we got a great view of the treetops.

Before we left, we went to the shop. Volunteer Sally bought a slimy slug which she used to scare us with before we took photos with it.

This weekend day trip follows on from our trip to the Royal College of Music last year. We hope to do more of these in future. Eventually, we want to have enough money so that we can go on a weekend trip like the Juniors Club do.

IMG_9019.jpg IMG_9022 (2).jpg IMG_9021 (2).jpg IMG_9027.jpg img_9030.jpg IMG_9034 (2).jpg IMG_9035.jpg IMG_9037.jpg IMG_9038.jpg IMG_9040.jpg IMG_9044.jpg IMG_9045.jpg IMG_9047.jpg IMG_9054.jpg IMG_9049 (2).jpg IMG_9061.jpg IMG_9063 (2).jpg IMG_9065.jpg IMG_9066.jpg IMG_9067.jpg IMG_9070.jpg