Vets Club

The Vets Club runs on Thursday evenings during term-time and is for over 25s. A lot of our members graduated here from the Juniors club when they turn reached this age (i.e.  they became "veterans" or "vets") but we also give a warm welcome to new members.

The club originally started as a small offshoot in 2011, run entirely by a small team of volunteers. It's gone from strength to strength and  since February 2015 we have appointed a new, paid staff member to run the club. 

Our long-standing members know that they can still count on our support and keep the social networks that they have developed through the club. And the Vets club is run in a similar way to the juniors but the members enjoy more age-appropriate activities.

Each club night provides members with an opportunity to learn something new, have fun, laugh and be entertained. Past activities have included cinema, wrestling events, ghost walks, pizza making, zumba and pub dinners.

The Vets Club is growing fast and our goal is to make it as big as the Juniors Club and offer a diverse range of activities.